Saturday, October 29, 2011

Message from Dos Dames #10 ~

"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.  I'll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring."  ~Rogers Hornsby

Congratulations to the St Louis Cardinals.  I hope their fans savor and enjoy their time as World Series Champions.  I know it was glorious year being the reigning 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants.

That team and year will live fondly in my heart and mind for the rest of my life.  No matter if more championships are ever won again by my Gigantes, 2010 was the unthinkable, unimaginable year of surprise, delight and TORTURE.  I tip my hat to the boys; my beloved men in Orange and Black.

I've been very lucky in my baseball life.  My sister and I lived in Chicago the year the Giants beat them for the National League Championship.  This year my mom and I were able to make the trek to the hallow grounds of Cooperstown to see the magical display of the 2010 World Series and San Francisco Giants Champions, walk the grounds of Doubleday Field and Main Street, Cooperstown where you can get a souvenior at "Shoeless Joe's" or a bite to eat at "Mickey's Cafe."  Timing is always key in baseball and life. 

Can't wait for Spring to arrive.  Let's play ball!  ~ Lisa

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 42 - Lisa

Loved New England!  Especially Maine and upstate New York.  My pictures do not do the colors justice.  Everything and more than I imagined it to be.  Love the sense of humor of New Englanders and of course the accents.  Only pictures link I do not have available yet is Cooperstown.  Still editing.  I took a mere 1522 pictures.  My mom shattered that with over 2600.  It's a wonder we can see straight.  Between our quest to "find an Indian, free a bear," running my mother over not once but three times while finding "the" perfect shot to laughing till we cried while practicing saying GORGE-JUS and Bee-U-Tah-Fah, it was a fantastic trip.  Meeting Massachusetts version of Clarence from "It's a Wonderful Life" to eating at a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dive restaurant were just a few highlights along the 1100 miles driven.  Shout out to the Sparhawk Oceanfront Resort, wonderful property to stay in Ogunguit.  I already want to go back.

Here's a few favorites and my links to 1500 more!

Week 42 - Sis

Yep, here comes some more vacation pictures. I did do a lot of clicking on the camera but I promise not to post the one hundred shots plus, of the sunrise! Now starting the travel log. Arrived in Ogunquit Maine late afternoon, we checked in and settled into our room and headed to the beach. Ahhh, sea air, blue Atlantic Ocean, almost felt like home but not much time before sunset started. The next day we took a ride up the Maine coastline, went over to Portland; highlight being a ride on the commuter car ferry line to Peak's Island. Not much time spent in Portland as we didn't want to get back too late for our first lobsta' dinner. Third day-We the "peepers", (what the locals call tourists who come to view the Fall colors) of Georgia and California, spent the day in the White Mountains forest of New Hampshire. Stupendous, spectacular, sensational display of the colors we saw in the trees/foliage of this area and to top it off, a covered bridge! Understand now what the great New England writers and poets were inspired by and loved. Really heard the "accent" at the ranger station where we stopped for information on the best road to take our peeper viewing pleasure. "Speck-tack-q-luh", "guh-jush" is what I heard while there. Wonderful day on the road and Lisa would include the young moose we were able to stand and watch as it lay in an area on the side of the road. Seemed very relaxed, even eating a little grass, no one knew why it was there, injured or not. Could have been it's day to peep at the peepers. When we returned to Ogunquit we spent time walking around and absorbing our last look of a great little vacation locale. Next morning off to driving through some more Maine small coastal towns. Saw a lighthouse I'm sure was used in the the tv series Providence and ate the best and last lobster dish, of the ones I had consumed. Pretty done with that shellfish.  Wednesday's our goal was to get to our motel outside of Sturbridge, eat dinner, get up Thursday morning and visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. Circumstances changed and we didn't eat until after 9 p.m., didn't sleep a lot of hours but did get to Sturbridge and the museum, another story there too. Loved the time there and after a few hours headed to Cooperstown, New York. Baseball town, Hall of Fame, beautiful rustic farm area with the fall colors in abundance. Loved the time we spent there and lots of baseball references in the restaurants and shops. Quaint is a good word for this place. Okay, taking th pencil out and marking two things off my bucket list. Saw the leaf changing of the New England area and visited the honored names I've read, saw movies about or seen play in person; the stars of my favorite sport, baseball.