Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 41 - Lisa

It's Sunday and I'm in Maine!  On vacation for the week going to visit Maine, New Hamspire, Massachusetts and New York.  ;>  First three are from my early morning walk along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit - a quaint little beach town in Maine.  Last pic is from the downtown Portland ha-bah.  ;>

Week 41 - Sis

The first day of one week traveling through four New England states started at the Atlanta airport. We met up with my cousin, (Lisa's Godmother) Trudy, at our gate. She flew from Salinas, California to join us and start our journey. Trudy traveled first class, me and Lisa had the escape door aisle seats, which gave us plenty of separation between the seats in front of us. Of course I was happy to comfortably stretch out my long legs. Guess you could think of it as an upgrade; first class for the low class. We landed in Portland, Maine; gathered up our luggage and Lisa went to pick up the rental vehicle. We didn't have to wait long for Lisa and the Ford SUV she was driving. Whoo hoo, we're on our way to Ogunquit. Hold up, we are approaching a turnpike toll booth, need to slow down to pay. Hey no one in the booth? Lisa begins to tell me as we approach the empty booth, I'm riding shotgun, that the box in the upper right corner of the window is a way to pay. "Mom, using her tutorial voice, just pull out on the box handle and the camera in the booth picks up the credit card for all the tolls and will bill me when I turn in the truck." Sounds great, however we're traveling faster than she's speaking and the time that it's taking the message from my brain to my hand to process. We blow through the toll! Oh God, we've already committed a crime in the first 15 minutes of our relaxing vacation. Three heads are swiveling trying to see what direction the cops are coming to arrest us. Nothing happens and we begin breathing again. We're not worried, well not until we have to go through multiple toll stops as we visit the other states. Somehow in the coming days and toll stops we were not captured and only handed and turned in tickets. Our one payment total was a whopping 65 cents. Huh, there wasn't anyone looking for the two senior and one pre-senior citizens barreling through tollbooth stops? Maybe we qualified for some AARP discount? You know I think it was in the cards or trucks since we were in a Ford Escape. So if we did our own version of Thelma and Louise it would have to be plus one,(me), (Trudy would be Thelma because she picked up a Brad Pitt type at one of our stops. Lisa would be Louise, because of the driving and it would be titled, "Thelma and (how they would say it in New England) the Two Geezas".