Sunday, August 07, 2011

Week 31 - Sis

It was a good week with my daughter Yolanda here for a visit and some sightseeing. She hadn't seen the new MLK Center and we spent considerable time there including a visit to the old Ebenezer Baptist Church. We have tried seeing this church for sometime and thankfully both my daughters and I finally achieved the wish. All I can say is God bless the women who climbed up and down those stairs for services because you know it was in high heels! Our trip to Talluhah Falls and Goats on the Roof proved to be the biggest kick for her. She enjoyed seeing old toys, games, candy, gum that are for sale at the first site and laughed at the crazy goats at the second site. The meal at Cafe Lily's was a delight for her, finishing it with that wonderful coconut cream pie and the best tasting coffee. The weather made it, as we all know here, a little hard to enjoy being outside but we muddled through. We never have a bad time together with basically the same sense of humor, interests and memories. Have to admit it would have been nice to have had a house to share while she was here, would have been more like old times.

Week 31 - Lisa

My sister came to visit this past week.  We laughed a lot!  Ate a lot!  And sweated a lot!  She came right smack in the middle of this heatwave.  Getting out and walking to see Centennial Park and other sites was not feeling to appealing with it being 95 degrees with what felt like 90% humidity.  So we kept the activities light.  Couple highlights was Goats on the Roof, Tallulah Falls and Cafe Lily.  We also went to see Twyla Tharp's tribute to Frank Sinatra, "Come Fly Away."  We all walked out scratching our heads.  I get interpretative dance but this just didn't hit the mark for any of us three.  We still laughed and enjoyed our own show review afterwards.  Oh we went to Mary Mac's for dinner - blech!  What a disappointment that was.  Live and learn.  As you can see below sunii & oneeya had a hard time warming up Landa.  ;>