Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 14 - Lisa

TMI alert!  This is going to be gross people.  The week started out all about snot and ended all about our new doggie!   As you can see on the Atlanta Allergy & Pollen site 1500 is considered extreme.  Look at Monday, April 4th? And all the other "red" days.  <sigh>  I had to come home and do the cucumber/tea bag treatment each night to survive the week!  On the positive side of life; my mama got a dog.  oneeya is just the sweetest little girl.  sunii is adjusting about as well as I could have ever imagined.  She is just stalking her every move and plotting to overtake oneeya's tail.  A bit of growling and spitting but overall the curiosity of this new creature overcomes any anxiety or well, in her case anger.  She was a pretty big puff ball the first 15 or so minutes as you can see below but now they are capable of standing within a foot of each other.

Week 14 - Sis

Indulge me. Found a sweet mutt at the Atlanta Pet Rescue on Saturday and adopted her. She is a Corgi mix. We named her "oneeya", pronounced - Oh-nay-ya- in our mutsun tribal language and means female friend. Yep, she's my new girl friend! I know MasterCard has that commercial about charging items, for different events, making the moment priceless and that's great for a once stray dog but it may make the card holder penniless! One day items purchased at PetSmart; a bath, phew she needed it, a collapsible water bowl to carry in the truck for her when we're out riding around, food bowl, water pitcher that releases the water as needed, a soft stuffed toy, a can of treats, and new id tag. Still have the registration micro chip charge to go. My daughter is willing to pay the apartment pet deposit. That is all important but the biggest worry was how well would she adjust to our environment. Think we can relax, might say she's a Giant in that field!