Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 139 - Lisa

It was overwhelming and intimidating trying to pick a floor based on samples, even the in-store samples which are 2" x 3" board samples just did not make us feel warm and fuzzy.  Add the crown molding and baseboards throughout the entire house that dominate the look and trying to match or mix-match in the right way we were so undecided.  We finally found something we both liked but it felt a bit "wild."  We called it the Tiger Floor.  ;>  Today, they came and ripped out the old hardwood, pulled up the carpet and demo'ed the staircase.  Been nervous all day how it would look.  WE LOVE IT.  And yeah, it's still kind of wild.  The upstairs is almost complete, the downstairs and staircase will be finished by Sunday.  It's starting to really feel like our home now!

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