Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 134 - Lisa

Thank you Francis Ford Coppola.  I love your wine Sofia.  I also love the bottle.  I might actually love the bottle more.  I have visions of a set of pretty candle holders once I'm done enjoying the second bottle.

Here's some info on this particular wine:

Feminine and stylish, with a fragrant perfume of fresh strawberries and lavendar, this rosé explodes with ripe, juicy flavors of cherry, raspberry and citrus zest. This refreshing wine is reminiscent of the popular dry rosés served in seaside café along the French Riviera. It’s crisp, delicate, and elegantly fruity with just a kiss of spice on the finish.
We typically harvest the grapes for our Sofia Rosé at a lower brix to ensure we get a light wine that pairs elegantly with food. For color extractions, the grapes are cold-soaked for 48 hours before the juice is separated from the skins.
  • Alluring and refreshing, our Sofia Rosé is perfect for easy sipping on a lazy afternoon.
  • Elegant blend of Monterey County Syrah and Grenache.

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