Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - Lisa

Waiting around to get into our home is not a good thing.  All the idle time is causing us to shop. I hate clothes and shoe shopping but I can tolerate accessory shopping.  So I knew going in that a day spent at Cost Plus and Target would not be good.  Sure enough they had a SALE going!  Chunks of bath soaps for .99cents.  Lavender bath lotion!  Aloe bath salts!  Wine from Spain and some Coppola Sophia I love 30% off.  Some candle holders, a pumice stone and a 60's bubble lamp.  Oh and throw in some artichoke pesto, hot diggity!  I only got us lost both coming and going to Cost Plus and sat 45min in a traffic jam, so 5 hours later we were finally home.  I was exhausted but I'm sure going to smell good!

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