Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 115 - Lisa

While cleaning out the warehouse we found this tool pouch.  It was eerie as it was worn and belonged to a co-worker we worked with for about 15 years.  We had learned he passed a couple weeks earlier.  I had corresponded with his wife a few times since his passing.  So I sent her the pouch.  I'm so glad we found it because it really did kind of define him.  It also brought back a lot of memories of my Dad and his big double stacked rolling tool box.  We brought my Dad's tool box and tools with us, in a few weeks it will be out of storage and I'll get to smell the oil and grease I grew up with, look at the old STP and racing stickers all over it.  His tools remind me of his hands.  Always cut up from his job but always gentle with us.  I hope Seaborn's kids find the comfort and memories in that tool pouch that I do having my Dad's toolbox with me.

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