Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 118 - Lisa

When we had our two doggies, Sammy & Simba, my kitty Nicia and lived in Cali, we had a daily routine of greeting.  I'd come home from work and go sit on the stairs.  The dogs would stand at the bottom getting their pets and pats in, while my cat would come down the stairs and rub all against me and sit next to me.  I miss our babies so much. Here is Georgia with our new cast of characters I really gotta work on a better routine.  I come home and they wait for me to change my clothes which includes if you look below a little nap time.  I had no clue I took that long.  However, the dog and her welcome lovers are a tad over the top.  I cannot wait to get into the new house so we can start the less sticky, fur spitting and wet "staircase" greetings!

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