Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 119 - Sis

As you have read Lisa's day 119, I will just add my version of that trip. Yes, 45 minute traffic jam, then turning off the freeway too soon, added another 15 minutes to the destination.  Love walking around Cost Plus but my shopping was very limited; pumice sponge, cinnamon sticks and teeny, tiny pack of saffron. Left that shopping area to find the Target store.  Missed a turn off again and ended up in a lovely setting of shady trees and quietness, nice. It was a business center, apartment complex, where Lisa reset the GPS,  and we were off with new directions, about a block away from where we started! Lisa bought the lamp and shade she wanted and maybe she was feeling like I was left out and I needed to purchase something, because she almost insisted I find something to buy. " Is there anything you need while we're here?", she asked. "Nope."  Lisa, kindly tries again, "Nothing?"  "Okay already." I picked up a box of envelopes and a baguette for the artichoke dip/topping bought at Cost Plus. Yep it was just a whirlwind shopping spree!

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