Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 266 - Lisa

We got a lot done this weekend.  Two nice little gems was cutting my first bouquet of knock out roses from our yard and finding a set of drawings of Donald Duck we did on one of the many trips to Disneyland with my Mom and Godkids.  Lula was ten and Jacob was six.  LOL!  Starting to get to do more pleasure things around the house now.  My week vacation at home paid off.  Course I type that and then remembered I need to patch some holes in my mom's bathroom, rehang the towel rack, put up shelves in the 2nd guest room, add more shelves in the Disney room, repaint the stand in the family room, add bookcases/shelves to the basement spare room, figure out when we are going to go look at blinds for the WHOLE house and still hunting for my Shag prints. Wah!!!!!!

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