Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 269 - Sis

This is the high school yearbook from my Freshman year.  It was my first and last yearbook and my first and last year at Arroyo High in San Lorenzo, California. Since we lived in Hayward, 8 miles away, and only had one high school at the time we had to ride the school bus everyday to Arroyo.  Knowing we would  would start our Sophomore year at the newly built Tennyson High, which was the second high school in our town of Hayward, for a lot of us loyalty wasn't big for Arroyo.  I have no explanation why this yearbook is the only one I ever purchased, ( besides lack of funds ), since I spent the remainder of my limited education in the city of Hayward at Tennyson and the Hayward High. My name in the Arroyo yearbook student directory, notice there's no page number?  Because  I wasn't even there for picture day!  It must have been an omen for my future of many missed school days.

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