Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 236 - Sis

When I commuted to work I found that audio books really helped past the time and made the frustration of sitting in traffic a diversion from screaming at other drivers and explaining the rules of the road. Recently after unpacking  music CDs I found this audio book among them.  Have no idea where or who it came from, if it was mine or Lisa's, but I planned on listening to it.  I had started a painting project and thought this ten CD  book was a great way to do some physical work and past the time. I did learn pretty fast that the car, where you aren't interrupted to answer a door, let a dog in or out, receive a phone call or even nature's call, is a much better setting to listen to a book.  When I left the area where it was playing I'd forget to stop it, making it necessary when coming back to rewind and hear some pages repeated.  I suppose with my comprehension level not as strong as a few years ago I shouldn't complain but it's beginning to feel like there are 15 CDs !

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