Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 234 - Sis

About five years back I ordered a few things as a joke from this company.  I get an email occasionally from them with new ways to use our last name on clothes, hats, etc.  Well today their ad came in the mail.  I knew I had to dispose of it quickly.  See, I have a daughter that wanted to open a tamale parlor in New Orleans until the reality of the cost, to start one, hit her.  And even though no one in my family hunts or has any experience in running a lodge, (well if you don't count people who come to visit and you wonder when they will be checking out), she might think we could do this.  I mean she would be on multiple websites, investigating hunting equipment, clothing and how to make your own jerky!  "Mom this wouldn't be any different than what you do now, sure a few more rooms to clean and you're use to cooking too much food.  We could do it, Mom are you listening?"

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