Friday, August 03, 2012

Day 215 - Sis

Decided to make this the day to go to Willie Maes in the Treme.  We have heard so much about this famous chicken and were told by our cab driver, last night, that we must be there early because the line can get very long  waiting to get inside.  Okay we headed out at 10:15 a.m., (yeah this was our breakfast!), arrived at 10:25. We were the first ones, yay.  This is a house set on the corner of a neighborhood but the neighbors were either at work or alseep, it is Friday.   Five minutes later a couple drove up, then another couple, then a small family of three and another larger family. Many of us asking one another if we have eaten there yet.  All standing there at 10:40.  Door opens precisely at 11 and we step in. Young man tells us to head to the table next to the opening where you can smell the wonderful aroma of their chicken. Place is filling up fast.  Orders are placed, my dish is set down with three pieces of chicken, potato salad, peas and cornbread muffin. We all take our first bite and start to talk, eat and giggle at how good it is.  We also start wondering if we can make it back before they close later to eat again or maybe before we fly home tomorrow! My salt intake was enough for a week but Lordy was it worth it. So that makes two Willie Maes/Mays I love. ;-0  Our day ends with a second visit to Preservation Hall, as always, it was a delight too.

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