Thursday, August 02, 2012

Day 214 - Lisa

My brother-in-law Steve and I both wanted to take an airboat tour of the Bayou.  My mom and sister were not interested.  My sister, who tends to have a Charlie Brown cloud over her head regarding luck was convinced if she sent a gigantic Godzilla like alligator would storm the boat and eat us all soooo, just Steve and I went.  This might have been one of the best experiences of my life.  It was stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, you get my drift.  We had so much fun.  The boats are prices for big groups of 12 to 18 or small groups of 6 to 10.  We only had 4 of us on our boat.  A father and son from Sacramento, the boat captain, Geno, and us.  It was literally a private tour.  The guys were all into the alligators, I was swept up in the landscape.  We all dug the airboat.  Make sure you click the link to my pictures, they won't disappoint I promise.  My videos too!  Thursday night we went to Rock and Bowl to hear Zydeco and maybe bowl.  What an spotless location - inside is a huge stage, dance floor, bowling alley, bar and restaurant all in one massive size room.  I did not think I could top Christmas in 2010 when I heard Little Malcolm and theHouse Rockers sing, "I'm not your baby's daddy."  However, Geno  Delafose and the French Boogie, doing "Get a Gun, there's a Chicken on the Run" was even more hilarious!  And the hamburgers and beignets were out of this world! 

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