Thursday, August 02, 2012

Day 214 - Sis

Alligators, bayous, birds and other wild life were in Steve and Lisa's plan for the day.  This pair of Geminis, bro/sister in-law combination, had their tour adventure plan  while Landa and I would, once again, bravely step out into the wildlife streets of the French Quarter.  The Gemini twins were off in the early morning while mother/daughter combo slept in their separate rooms.  We decided to start our day on Royal Street to take in a few art stores.  Had a nice leisurely time viewing art work we can't afford!  One of my choices was a small painting that almost looked like needlework, a mere $8,800, think Landa's was a larger one somewhere in the five digit range. Also on Royal Street we went into a custom millinery store, Fleur de Paris.  On other trips to New Orleans we passed little place, window shopped and move on.  Wow!  I told the proprietor she should charge a fee to have people come in and just look.  What a beautiful display of hats in many styles, beaded caps, pill box, fedora, large brimmed hats adorned. Whether they are trimmed with beads, feathers, ribbons, colors from very pale to almost fluorescent, they were stunning. There were also dresses in styles that reminded me of the 30's or 40's.  Next stop was into the Camellia Grill on Chartres Street for something to eat. Clean, good choices on the menu, reasonable prices, which included, noise all around, like you'd expect, with menu orders shouted out to the cooks, while people eat, read and talk. We barely finished and started to walk when we received the message from the big game hunters that they were back in town.  Well we all needed to meet up and find some down time because tonight we're going to the bowling alley, also famous for it's Thursday night Cajun bands. This is where the local folks meet and dance. We plan on getting as many sights and sounds of New Orleans we can this trip!

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