Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Day 213 - Sis

Today was day to check out shops, architecture, people watching and stops in  between to get out of the heat.  In other words, another way to find a reason for a drink! While strolling by some art stores Yolanda and Steve decided to enter one.  Oh boy, there they are finding that perfect picture they have been looking to buy for their home.  We probably had a drink to celebrate this event!  Later, after walking through some other shops Lisa found some art work she decided on and bought.  Off we went to the French Market and it was my turn to pick up a few things.  What it's too hot?  Well fortunately we found a spot to cool down and rest before walking a short distance to the U.S. Mint. We went there to view the exhibit of the 50th anniversary of Preservation Hall.  This was a must see for us and was enjoyed. It presented  the stories of so many musical greats who have played there in the past and the ones who continue the legacy in these times.

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