Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Day 213 - Lisa

We ate at the Old Coffee Pot for breakfast this morning, strolled Royal St, my sister and brother-in-law bought some art, we looked at the old buildings, took some pictures, we stopped in Jimmy Buffet's to cool off and had three rounds of Margaritas.  LOL  Cruised all the vendors at the French Market,  my sister bought a dress, my mom and I bought some tiles to decorate our house and various other goods.  We then headed for the US Mint to view the Preservation Jazz Hall 50th Anniversary exhibit.  It was wonderfully down.  Below is Louie Armstrong's first coronet.  Was excited to see the PJHB's Charlie Gabriel there, this meant he'd be playing at the Hall later that night!  We skipped lunch and just had appetizers at our hotel bar and then went to see the musicians perform at the Preservation Jazz Hall.  It was a magical night of Ragtime.  Afterwards, we stopped in Turtle Bay, where we'd met Jeff the day before.  He had explained to us he makes all his food fresh daily, home grown vegetables and home made breads.  He recommended the pulled pork po-boy.  So the four of us ordered a Heinekin and a sandwich while listening to Cajun music.  OMG it was so good as was the potato salad.  Delicious once again!  LOL

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