Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 20 - Sis

Today is the third day of my four day solo living in Georgia. Now I've never had a problem being by myself and enjoy it occasionally. Some of the positives are eating out of, or on, any type of paper plate, plastic container, a pot, paper towel or napkin. Also whatever comestibles that remain from prior meals. That's right, leftovers, like homemade blueberry pie, meatloaf sandwiches. The pleasure of having the tv volume at any level I choose or can hear. Watching more foreign films and less cooking shows. Hearing how we should try to make these meals that would cost a fortune and takes a restaurant style kitchen to prepare them in. Not having to hear a word for these past four days about Spain. My daughters safe return with lots of stories of her adventures and about family. Negatives: CAT duty. That meant I had to clean the very full litter box, ugh! I have only owned one cat in my adult life and she was an indoor/outdoor cat who went somewhere private to eliminate. No one to share the Giant's games, a good meal, adventures and visiting family.

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