Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week 19 - Lisa

Being we are away from the family, we like to find odds and ends to send home.  I'm kind of upset that my mom is making me part with this hat. I always wanted one way back since the days of Smokey the Bear but noooo!  Instead I have to transport it to Cali for some smaller people.  I wonder if I'd get funny looks on the plane if I sported my brown felt beauty?

We found a big and better dog park for oneeya last weekend.  Lots of space to run!  Look at her go...

What?!  So I might like to research and plan a bit, what's the big deal?  Here's some books & maps to keep you busy while I'm on the road mom.  I expect to be able to quiz you later in the month.  321 days to go!!!!  ;>

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