Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 285 - Lisa

So now we know the Giants will be play St Louis for the National League pennant.  For any old-time Giants (pre-Bonds or World Series team) this brings back bitter, anxiety filled memories of 1987.  When we lost the pennant to the Cardinals in a bitter fight.  There's the Atlee Hammaker curse, the Ozzie Smith loathing, the ghost of Terry Pendleton, the Roger Craig/Whitey Herzog fights. (lol)  It goes on an on.  Something tells me this is our year to put it all to rest.  Man, I hope so.  I loathe St. Louis!  We need a lot of Hunter Pence inspirational speeches to get through this one!

1987 St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Francisco Giants
St. Louis won the series, 4–3.
1October 6San Francisco Giants – 3, St. Louis Cardinals – 5Busch Stadium (II)2:3455,331[1]
2October 7San Francisco Giants – 5, St. Louis Cardinals – 0Busch Stadium (II)2:3355,331[2] 
3October 9St. Louis Cardinals – 6, San Francisco Giants – 5Candlestick Park3:2757,913[3] 
4October 10St. Louis Cardinals – 2, San Francisco Giants – 4Candlestick Park2:2357,997[4] 
5October 11St. Louis Cardinals – 3, San Francisco Giants – 6Candlestick Park2:4859,363[5] 
6October 13San Francisco Giants – 0, St. Louis Cardinals – 1Busch Stadium (II)3:0955,331[6] 
7October 14San Francisco Giants – 0, St. Louis Cardinals – 6Busch Stadium (II)2:5955,331[7]

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