Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 223 - Lisa

Busy day decorating.  Some things new, some things from our home in California.  My mom and I like a colorful home; vibrant and bright.  While in New Orleans in June 2010, my mom and I spent a whole morning taking pictures in the neighborhood streets of the French Quarter.  We both were intrigued with the different doors.  We didn't really know this till we shared our pictures.  On this trip, we went into an artist co-op gallery to look around.  I fell in love with these two pieces showcasing French Quarter doors.  The artist uses oil paints and the foil from wine and liquor bottles, I thought it was really creative.  Yes a tad whimsical for my normal tastes.  Come to find out she lives part time in Livermore and part time in New Orleans.  Small world.    When my mom worked at Target they used to have the World Market with lots of really cool furniture, frames, vases and other decorative household items from around the world.  She fell in love with this red mirror (Philippines) and we both loved the chests (Indonesia) and mirrors (India), so we waited and waited for the clearances and used her discount to claim our pieces.  They remind me of Livermore now and that makes me happy.

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