Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Day 220 - Sis

Waiting for the man to show up from AT&T to correct a problem.  Last night while watching the Olympics the sound went out.  Neither of us are proficient in lip reading so this will make it difficult to grasp the full weight of information the announcers give us in great detail of what we're watching.  Now I'm not saying we understand or will even remember most of this information but it beats listening to the humming cicadas that are outside in the trees while the events are happening. The other situation it causes  for me is, I'm going to have to listen to my daughter who's really honing in on a famous sportscaster face.  He has always been known for his youthful looks.  It does seem he has had some face work, problem being, it's not working.  Lisa's never ending comments go from, "What the hell is wrong with his mouth?", to "What the hell was he thinking?"  and so much more.  Which means that one voice I do get to hear is spiking my blood pressure.  Please Mr. AT&T fix this so it will take away that dangerous health side effect I'm experiencing from the chattering in here!

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