Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 365 - Sis

Just like the outside decorations it's time to put away the blog. Don't know what we will do for the year but no plans for continuing it in 2013.  Maybe we will just trim it back, as I did to the trees out front and find a reason to continue on in a limited fashion. With the house requiring more of our daily attention we don't want to bore you even more with some of our projects.  To those English majors, sorry about all the mistakes in grammar we have made. To the proof readers, think of all the practice you had finding the mistakes in spelling, punctuation and the use of the wrong tense in so many of these posts.  To those who didn't get why we thought anyone would care what we saw or thought, we're just as stymied as you! To those who enjoyed it, thanks for being entertained with so little. LOL  Wishing all a very prosperous, healthy and fulfilling new year.

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