Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 257 - Sis

Yesterday I hung up this poster of my favorite author, John Steinbeck.  I've had the poster for a few years and it hung in my bedroom in Livermore.  Like me, the poster has wrinkles, also a tear from being stuffed in a box for awhile.  Now he's in the basement, behind my desk and it feels good that I can see him everyday.  On the other hand, much to my amazement,  it has created a very unhappy dog.  She wasn't in the room when I put John on the wall late yesterday and apparently discovered it this morning. She began barking incessantly and loud, I'm thinking she's irritated with me. Then I saw that she had her eyes focused over my head and it clicked, she couldn't distinguish the difference between a real live person and a photo!  All she knows is some guy is behind her good friend, which creates a danger for everyone in the room! I guess I will have to remove John for a bit, introduce him at close range to oneeya, the protector, then pin him up again.  God I hope he will be in one piece afterwards.  Okay, oneeya has decided to tolerate him.

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