Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 239 - Sis

While eating my cereal this morning I thought about this old radio show we listened to at home during the weekdays.  It was a morning ritual, especially on school days. Why?  My mother was very good at keeping her brood, ( in 1948, only 5 with an increase of 2 daughters by 1951 ), entertained and one of the ways was listening to the radio, no one had tvs yet.  This show had a variety of things going, comedy, music, audience participation, even a moment of prayer, but Mom's favorite was the quarterly hour, "March Around the Breakfast Table".  "Everybody up and marching," or something like that was announced over the airwaves. She managed to get the ones going to school, my older brother Frank and I, at the time, out the door while listening to the sound of marching feet and music. In case you're wondering, Frank was five and I was 4, no preschool in those days.  Of course later with the younger siblings attending school they joined us and it was a mini parade streaming out the door. Oh but there was no "minivan" ride, we walked on our "mini" feet to the bus stop. ;-

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