Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 238 - Lisa

Six bags of clothes donated to Goodwill and the local Women's Shelter.  Finally all my clothes are in the  closet hanging or folded.  Now to get a dresser and nightstand.  My room will finally be complete. I brought no furniture to ATL.  I spent all day Sunday unpacking and organizing my closet.  No knick-knacks though.  I do not have time or energy to hit any box labeled "cats" or "Disney" till I'm on vacation.  However, sitting in my room looking at my views, my kitty napping on my bed, knowing I had a home I felt very blessed.  So I decided to burn some mugwart.  Smelled so good.  Flooded me with good memories.  And then I got home sick for Indian World.  <sigh> 

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