Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 211 - Sis

Yep, we're in New Orleans and what better way to start the day then a tour of a rum distillery?!  I didn't have any idea how rum is made but boy howdy it ain't pretty.  We first entered the office where we were immediately served, Cajun tea, oh yeah definitely rum in it.  I don't like rum, I don't even drink much, so here I am at 10 a.m. imbibing an alcoholic drink.  Rum, I haven't tasted it in 40 years.  The tour guy did say you can use your favorite tea to mix it though. Sheez.  As we blurringly made our way around the building we saw where, sorry my brain is a little fuzzy, can't quite remember what this tank held. Ahem, however, a worker must go into that small opening and scrub it clean. Don't know how long it takes to do this job  or what the pay is but it would be hot, smelly and claustrophobic. No thanks, I'm not that greedy or numbed by the rum!

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