Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 145 - Lisa

People ask me all the time why did you decide to move to Georgia versus just finding another job and staying in California?  Well besides the obvious reasons; position, pay, vacation time & benefits it's my co-workers.  While we are not the same company we used to be top to bottom in how people regard each other, it's the people I work with day in and day out that tipped that decision point for me.  It's been a very tough four years saying goodbye and having to make gut-wrenching decisions about so many that I worked with for 10, 15, 20 plus years.  I had an unbelievably loyal and hardworking group in California; saving some of those positions was also a big part of my reason, the thought of me at the elimination of three or more of them who'd given me their sweat equity for many years was too much to bear.  We still have a core group that show compassion, loyalty and teamwork every day.  I've never been one to socialize outside of the workplace often.  I keep my private life and work life pretty separate but we all together have shared our ups and downs in life over the years.  There are many of us now in Georgia that have come from somewhere else.  So we kind of hold on to each other, help one another, and be there to listen to when needed.  Generosity and kindness has always been a big part of what made our company so great.  Thankfully we still have plenty of that among those that are left.  Below is picture of another act of that kindness.  Another housewarming gift from one of co-workers.  A very thoughtful and supportive friend.  Thank you Laura for making Georgia easier to handle with your wit, sarcasm and kindheartedness.

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