Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 144 - Lisa

Wow, what an evening.  The window salesman called to say, "hey we could move your date up to tomorrow and Saturday if you can be prepared?"  I jumped on the earlier date so we could be more settled.  This also meant I had to take down the gross blinds and their brackets on TWENTY windows.  I highly doubt I'll be able to move much tomorrow.  Up and down the ladder on my ole' softball knees and battling the most moronic display of home workmanship I've ever seen.  Apparently, being a sufficient handyman was not apart of the skill set of previous owners.  I'm not sure who installed these blinds but their ears must have been ringing today!  I cursed, sweated, slammed things and just had a general hissy fit trying to uninstall the brackets.  I have no idea why all the screw heads were mutilated, completely chewed up and stripped.  I had to alternate between phillips and slotted screwdrivers for every screw.  It took me 3.5 hours. 

I guess they thought if they put baby screw next to papa screw in the window frame it might grow up?

The good news of the day is we are thrilled with how our glass tile backsplash turned out.  Kitchen is almost functional.  Just need to replace the cabinet doors and paint them.

And a big THANK YOU to my mama who bought me an ice cream when the truck came into the neighborhood.  It was screaming hot on that ladder.

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