Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 142 - Sis

As I was cutting out the recipes I told you about yesterday, I found an item about root vegetables and rutabaga was one of them. Now I can't say that I've ever eaten rutabaga but it does have a place in my life and Melissa's, a niece of mine. She is my brother's eldest daughter and when she came into my family's lives we were all very excited for my brother and his wife and later they had another daughter to complete their family. When Melissa was a little girl, maybe around six, she and I started a little routine between the two of us.  Whenever Melissa and I saw each other and one of us was leaving, we would say goodbye with catchphrases like: "See you later alligator" and the other might say, " See you soon kangaroo."  But one night she was leaving my house and said, "After while crocodile."  So I surprised her by replying, " See you later rutabaga."  That has become the thing between us for all these years.  When she was in grammar school rutabaga was the security word she picked for anyone who she wasn't sure of  and who might try to pick her up. Even to this day she will occasionally address me as "rutabaga." So I love rutabagas even though that's the only contact I've ever had with them. :-0

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