Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 142 - Lisa

So yesterday I rushed home because we had errands to run.  Needed to go to Home Depot to see about flooring for the laundry room.  We spent a good 30 minutes debating which linoleum or tile to get.  Finally came to the conclusion that we were feeling too rushed and whatever, we'll just keep the butt ugly brick red flooring till we figure out what we really want.


I walked out with a Knock-Out rose to add to the four already sitting on the deck of the house.  Shortly to be planted in the backyard.  I never heard of "Knock-Out" roses till I moved here.  Today I found out why they are called that.  With everything going on and so little sleep lately I completely forgot I had "Pinky" in the back of my truck.  So when the unmentioned cable van cut me off this morning and I had to slam on my brakes causing dirt, foam, leaves, a branch and the entire pot to started flying around the inside of my truck bouncing off the windows the back of the seat and almost my head I realized, "ah Knock-Out Rose!"  Luckily the saw we bought a couple weeks ago stayed steady on the rug!  Whew!

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