Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 11 - Lisa

Sad week.  Our cousin, Carol, or as she is known in our family, Sis, passed away.  So not a lot to report as my attention was mainly focused on her, her family and our entire family.  Other than that we are consumed by March Madness.  I gleefully rode through all of Thursday in first place but my underdog picks late in the night sent me spiraling to the bottom of the pack.  By Sunday night I had a severe case of  "potty mouth." We experienced the Super Moon on Saturday.  As my mom wrote it was kind of disappointing.  I did try the different color modes on my camera for some interesting results.  The last picture below is my favorite.

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  1. Like the pictures, and I know what you mean about the loss of our cousin Sis. It is a great loss especially for her immediate family, but also for all us cousins. She will be greatly missed. I love this picture of her, it hows her doing what she enjoyed, and was very good at. We'll meet again. Love, Pat