Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 30 - Sis

Animals have always been in my life, either as family pets or in areas I've lived. I know people think children are big responsibilities and I couldn't agree more but so, also are our pets. Lots of people love animals and like some parents, of children, it doesn't mean they always get the care that is needed. If that love doesn't include care of either's well being, mental or physical the results will be seen quickly with behavior problems, health issues, etc. When the care and love of a pet is given it's rewarded quickly with loyalty, comfort and devotion. Now with kids that may take a few more years. ;- Of course a pet cannot carry on the family name, business or memory but it takes care of you in many departments of your life while it lives. I write this as a tribute to a person I do not know personally but through someone we relate to and share as part of our lives. So for you Laura, my deepest condolences on the loss of your baby recently and thank you for the generosity you have shown to my pet, even with a broken-heart. oneeya sends a big sloppy kiss as a thank you also. May you find comfort in all the memories.

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  1. Well put. My heart goes out to Laura. It is devastating to lose our fur babies.