Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 16 - Sis

Received art work done by my 5 1/2 year old great-niece, Autumn, last week, which we have displayed on one of our bare walls, (ah, just to let you know, they are all bare). Autumn is her given name and I understand that lately she wants to be called "Glitter." Ahem, my thinking it's one of those pseudonyms that means now you pay more for the work.

As you see in her early 5 year period she delved in the Fantasy era. Then toward the second quarter phase of that period, her work became more personal and she either showcased her jewel of a family or the family jewels, not sure?    


No matter, as she has now advanced to her last half of the 5 year period, she has turned a more cynical eye toward the world and seems to be telling every politician running to keep THEIR jobs, "go fly a kite!"

(Disclaimer) - Not used here, the more adult version of this latter sentence is not appropriate for some taste, nor the opinion of the artist named ). 

A, by appointment only, private viewing of Glitter's work will be scheduled in the future!

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