Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 16 - Lisa

My sister sent us these flower bulbs that are capable of growing and blooming indoors.  They are amazing, it's like watching asparagus grow.  Every time I look over at the pots they've popped up a bit more.  We do not know what will be blossoming. Suppose to be a surprise.  Guessing tulips, freesias or daffodils.  Won't matter love them all.

I've been practicing my scone making for the Royal Wedding next Friday.  ;>  These are lemon-ginger.  My mom is calling the English cow patties.  There's a name game going round on Facebook - get your English name for the wedding.  Use Lord or Lady.  Add one of your grandmothers first names, hyphen with name of first pet and use the name of the street you grew up on as your last name.  I'm such a sucker;  Lady Emily-Ajax Mandarin.  ;>  I need a life.

I read a couple books this week.  Enjoyed the fun stories about the "Championship Season."  ;>  Yep still riding the World Series euphoria.

So yeah, were you looking to read something funny, snappy, clever?  Well look elsewhere.  Like drop down to Sis' Week 16.  I got nothing for you this week.  The well is dry people.  The demands of scoring a paycheck has sucked the life out of me.  My mom's retired she's got time to be funny.  I mean think about I got the cat, she's got the dog.  Does that not say anything?  I'll leave you with this quote:  "People used to explore the dimensions of reality by taking LSD to make the world look weird.  Now the world is weird and they take Prozac to make it normal." - Bangstrom   I'm thinking I could use a dose of both these days.  ;>

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