Sunday, March 06, 2011

Week 9 - Sis

Weather report was done by Lisa, so will move to the weekend as my week is pretty routine, like most. Friday we hit the road to go pick up our trial pottery pieces we created. Think now, Friday we hit the road and all the work traffic heading home, yes a great plan. We then took an off ramp prematurely and had to depend on the GPS to find our destination. Turned out to be a pretty part of town and we soon arrived. Well, we were okay with the first results of our efforts and already realized, besides being amateurish, what we would do different the next time. As I had no idea what to do with my piece for now it's a napkin holder. Saturday we ventured out during the rainest part of the day, we were on a roll with picking times to travel. Sunii had done a good job on her scratcher so replaced that. Since it came with a new packet of catnip she was satisfied and high. New socks! Such a simple purchase and brings me pleasure, no I'm not high. I think I'm turning into a shopaholic, I mean to spend an hour and a half at two stores is way beyond my normal limit. To top it off we had to go out on Sunday and grocery shop! I'm so happy tomorrow is Monday and I can rest.

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