Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 10 - Sis

Food. We talk alot about it here on the blog and eat a lot of here in the apartment. If you know us or saw us, it shows. So Monday starts with me wanting to cook a hardboiled egg for potato salad. Reached for this little guy and put it in the microwave and 10 minutes later I have a Jackson Pollack imitation. You should have heard the pop one egg blowing up in that little microwave can make. Starting with a regular egg but didn't know a devil egg was my downfall!

Cat food I dropped while filling sunii's bowl. I tried to explain to her it was a fun way to eat it. Her look was telling me,"talk to the paw." Yeah. well a DOG would have been all over this prissy girl.

Thought these sliced leeks looked so colorful when I was preparing a soup tonight. Oh yeah, dropped half the fried bacon bits that were a needed ingredient and one that I love, on the floor. Finished the week almost as bad as I started it. Think we should eat out all next week. Sigh.

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