Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 6 - Lisa

All work, no play makes Lisa really GRUMPY!  Saturday I was standing blurry-eyed at the gas pump at 5:50am and I glanced at the digital reading.  $3 bucks!  When did we creep back up?  Aye yi yi.  I try not to pay attention to gas prices cause it's not like it matters; I still have to pour the petrol into the tank to get where I need to be.  <shoulder shrug>  Considering it was a Saturday morning that I discovered the gas hike and I also had to work I thought <insert a not so nice phrase> I am going to get us donuts.  You can always tell come Monday morning that a crew was in over the weekend.  Dunkin' Donut boxes are usually on a table with one or two stale sugar tires still left over.  I cannot remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday but I got a package in the mail with the below Monkey chain from WOOT.  It was a Valentine gift for customers that have been away too long.  Yeah well I guess I've been away awhile cause I'm back to paying $3 bucks for gas!  What do I do with this weird funky looking Monkey keychain? Looks like sunii got a new toy. This long never-ending week has ended with a bowl of Cherrios and viewing of the Grammys for Sunday dinner.  Oh and look, our old friend the sun made an appearance this week.  Check out the purple prism thingies I captured.  I have no clue how that happen.  Science ain't my thang but it's still pretty cool.  The best part of week 6 - PITCHERS & CATCHERS REPORTED TO SPRING TRAINING TODAY!  Let's Go Giants, Let's Go!  ;>

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