Sunday, February 06, 2011

Week 5 - Sis

The week started with rainfall and continued to fall on multiple days. The first dry day out included a walk to the mail center where I found the truck just arriving, so had to kill some time before retrieving whatever was delivered. As I looked around the first thing I saw, would have been hard to miss, was the below truck trailer. Why was it parked here and what did it contain? Very soon I saw workers unloading pine straw, (needles to us from the left coast), for the usual winter ground cover. By late afternoon these little bales had popped up all over. The next thing spotted was a horse trailer, still looking for the horse! Then this garage sign, was it "Container Day?" Finally Saturday arrived and we had plans to view a couple of movies not playing On Demand. The first movie was " The King's Speech" and we enjoyed it but the theater seats gave me a few problems. If I sat all the way back my feet didn't reach the floor! If I sat forward, no back support and we thought of seeing another movie here?! Uh no, I needed to have blood flowing in my legs to walk and back support so I can stand up to walk. Since we hadn't eaten that morning we decided to get lunch, preferably a sandwich and soup. The closest eatery we spotted wasn't one we had tried before. Its whole theme is a firehouse, unfortunately they do not serve soup, but we were there and hungry. I must say their verbage is interesting when they take your order. LOL, maybe Lisa will tell you that story. This is their tabletop design of a Dalmation's coat but it reminded me of the place that cows recommend you to eat more chicken. We enjoyed our sandwiches and found ourselves giggling through our meal at what we thought were some quirky things there. We finished and headed for the next theater to see a second feature, "The Fighter", and again we enjoyed it. On the marquee as we parked I saw the ad posted below and was so tempted but had to talk myself down. We had spent a good part of our day out being in a darken room but as we drove home talking and laughing there was this slip of the moon that matched our smiles! Sunday brought the SuperBowl and we planned on these chicken drummettes, potato salad, corn on the cob and Lisa's artichoke/spinach dip, ummm, as an appetizer. Don't like the skin on these little buggers so I take it off and hope some day I'll find the skinless ones. Didn't really settle down until the second half but was happy with Green Bay winning.

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