Sunday, February 06, 2011

Week 5 - Lisa

I'm surprised by the end of the week I did not end up looking like Marty Feldman!  Excel!  Excel!  That is not a cheer motivating you or me to succeed; it's how I spent my week.  Eyes focused on the monitor, pupils dilated, clicking at the keys, calculations racing through my mind.  This is so far removed from the superstar R&B singer or awarding winning female sports journalist I was going to be when I was 10.  Oh well, it pays the bills and trips! We made a Dos Dames decision on Friday night to try and pull off a rainy "Oscar Saturday."  We were going to try and see three, possibly four nominated movies - The Fighter, The King's Speech, True Grit and Black Swan.  We made it through two; Kings Speech and The Fighter and called it quits.  Thoroughly enjoyed them both.  As my mama put it on the ride home, "One guy did not want to talk and the other guy wouldn't shut up."  LOL  At the first theatre, we got a drink and I ordered some popcorn.  The 16 year old bright eyed and bushy tailed lass that took my order could NOT comprehend why I only wanted a small when for $1.00 more I could have the gigantic bucket of popcorn and a keg of Coke.  I politely said no, I'll take the small and she went at it again.  This time I said, "no thanks!"  My mom called me grouchy whatever my bladder appreciated my firm stance.  Between flicks we stopped at Firehouse Subs.  Another first Southern dining experience since moving here.  The last thing my mom or I ever want is full-blown attention thrust upon us in a public setting, so the old man behind the counter with the NY accent who said "Youse ladies eva beens herse befah?", at the top of his lungs was a bit of a jolt.  We both replied we had not and we got, "Wahl, Wahl, Wahl."  Still have no idea what all that was.  He gave us a "tour" of the menu and we made our way down to the ordering counter.  A very alert, fresh face serious young woman began to take our order.  She asked my mom what she wanted.  Mom said a tuna sandwich and then off to the races we went!  The young lady said "Ma'am will that be fully involved?"  WTH?  We looked at each other, we looked at her, she looked at us like what's the problem ladies.  I said, "um what is fully involved?"  In a breaking the sound barrier pace she replied, "mustard mayonnaise tomato lettuce pickle onion cheese."  Count me officially old, who knew the new "everything on it" was now "fully involved!"  This brought on the giggles and once at our table howling laughter.  Along with many bad puns.  I posted a picture of my sandwich on FaceBook and typed - "my new relationship."  I had no clue I had to practice "safe eating."  Call us easily entertained!  My cousin Diane got off the best line on FB when referring to sandwich relationships - "remember cousin it's what's on the inside that counts."  We can NEVER take a joke or story too far, never, ever!  Wasn't rooting for either team on Super Bowl Sunday only interested in winning one of the two pools I was in.  My contribution to the spread was the below Artichoke-Spinach dip.  That's a wrap for Week 5.

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