Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 3 - Sis

Apartment fever is what I had with all the daily weather changes. Most of the days were just too cold to be out.  Plus finally getting over a long bout with a sinus condition. On Wednesday we received the World Series programs, featuring the SF Giant's Champions. My daughter in California shipped them UPS about two weeks ago, but WEATHER held up the delivery. Then in the mail I received an invitation to San Mateo, Ca. Historical Association which included, "The End of An Era", saying goodbye to 75 years of horse racing tradition. On Friday, even more home reminders, Gallo dry salami from my sister! Horse racing and good, dry salami, two things you can't find in Georgia. Saturday we decided to make our first visit to the Atlanta Zoo. I had seen a tv program here and learned the zoo's animal habitats were very lacking in the 60's and how Atlanta has worked hard at improving the conditions for the animals. The needs of the animals, as far as more suitable and natural environments, etc. are being implemented. It's definitely in evidence that the process of change is going on and should add much to the enjoyment to both human visitors and living conditions for the animals. There are signs covering fences that advertise more carnivores will be added soon. I was surprised at the size of the grounds, as it's much smaller than the zoos I've enjoyed in California. The all consuming weather turned out to be a sunny and brisk and we were outside, oh happy day! Some of the animal stars for me were the meerkats, otters, komodo dragon, elephants and panda bears. The animals that weren't out or seen that day were the: gorillas, giraffes, rhinoceros, monkeys and peacocks. Others I was surprised to see only one of: lion, tiger, leopard and sun bear. They seemed, from a human's point of view, very lonely or bored. Meerkats, as you see, always on guard. I wasn't sure if I was watching a version of an otter Beach Blanket movie with Frankie and Annette or a famous scene, considered very risque at the time, from a really old movie, From Here to Eternity, with Burt and Deborah! Entertaining and quite noisy this twosome were. The Komodo dragon was stunning and at first hard to see because he blended in with the log he was sleeping on. We found the carousel in the kid's zoo section and there we were able to see some of the day's missing animals! Good to be out from noon until 4:30 and breathing fresh air. Today it was football Sunday with some reading and resting after such a busy and exhausting week. ;-)

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