Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 3 - Lisa

Well the "snice" lingered way longer than I think anyone imagined.  Never seen JoJah snow stick around well into the next week.  I used to roll my eyes as the elderly people around me talked incessantly about the weather.  And now here I am.  My mother is smirking as she does about all bladder related matters too. You do not realize when you are younger that the weather revolves around your aches and pains.  So the light bulb goes on at forty-seven; they did not mean to blather Lisa, they could not help themselves!  Blame the arthritis, bronchitis and all the other -itises that creep up on you!  I am weather beat-down, humbled by my once youthful ignorance and good knees. Other related news linked to "Week 3" my Tia Chickie sent us two sticks of salami and a surprise Tuscany calendar for me.  Thank you Tia, so sweet.  My mom rolled her eyes upon seeing the calendar and thought, "here goes the whining."  Yes, I whined, I WANT TO GO" as soon as I seen it.  <sigh>  We also received our "lost due to the storm" World Series programs from my sister and brother-in-law.  Yep!  Still riding the high of being the 2010 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!  Finally towards the end of the week the sun made an appearance.  Severe cabin fever that had taken over caused my mom and I to decide to go to the zoo in 38 degree weather.  We had a good time wandering the animal-less zoo.  Taking pictures of all the JoJah dirt red stained animals that did come out.  Yowza when the wind kicked up but we stayed for about three and half hours.  We are very grateful to the critters who made an appearance. I am sure they thought we were nuts.  Wow, the Atlanta zoo is so small.  I'll never complain about the San Francisco and Oakland zoos again.  We are very fortunate to even have two zoos so close in proximity.  Supposedly they have made a lot of changes to the Atlanta zoo.  We can see the efforts but they have a long way to go.  Sunday has turned into a cooking and football viewing day.  Making some chili verde and fudge.  Mom's baking cookies.  Some of it is flying to California tomorrow.  Wish I was! 

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