Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 297 - Sis

Our cellular blinds were installed today and make a big difference from brown packing paper in the windows. Number one they cover all of the window and two, we don't have to untape them to change their position. The  way we, young and broke, wives covered our windows in the 1960's was a much different process.  For a few dollars we would purchase curtains, drapes  at Woolworths, Grants or some other low cost store and hang them on a thin metal rod held by a few hooks in the wall.  It was great when people would compliment the coverings and I would tell them to feel the texture and see the surprised look on their faces.  Plastic?  Yep, worth every cent, although we had to be mindful in those smoking days not to sit too close to them with a lit cigarette!

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