Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 293 - Sis

After a visit to Tallulah Falls and Goats On the Roof we headed home until we decided to make a quick side trip to Clayton.  This included a stop at the Hillside Orchard Farm.  What a pleasant and fun spot. The highlight for me was a ride behind a small tractor that took us around the barnyard and crops.  On the ride we stopped at the barnyard and were able to get off and walk around to observe the animals up close and a bit smelly.  My favorites were the donkey family.  Festus, the Pop, greeted us with loud braying and even a donkey smile.  Jenny, the small white one and Mama, to June Bug, the larger brown one, also came right to the a group of us. Of course the fact that the driver, aka Grandpa, fed them apples didn't hurt the family of three's friendliness

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