Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 226 - Sis

Lisa and I have bickered, (surprise), over how the pantry should be set up.  We knew it needed a redo but where was the best place for some items, like baking pans, racks, extra can goods and how to arrange what will stay in the pantry.  Since I do most of the cooking, am the shortest and have an arthritic left hip, I think things used more often should be at eye (or I ) level.  She, who is close to 7" taller and has a bad knee thinks when she needs an item they should not be on the lower shelves.  We decided to move many utensils and extra comestibles onto a couple of shelves into the garage.  Just have to open the door across from the pantry, one step down and all of it is right there.  Still a bit hard on the hip or knee but beats 13 steps down to the basement and back. Little hiccup in moving these things when I knocked over a glass jar of marinated artichokes and it exploded like an IUD when it the engaged the  floor.  Kind of slowed my progress down.  Olive oil doesn't clean up easily so went and got some cat litter to soak it up, shush, don't tell sunii.

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