Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 200 - Sis

After finding my old files it was time to go through the paperwork.  This means a full day of reading old contracts, tax returns, checks, letters, etc.  Then the next step is sorting what you want to shred.  This was a huge chunk of mine and my husband's lives together and those times come back to mind. When you see a loan you had that charged 17.95% annual interest, you have to shake your head, but those were also the days you could claim all the interest when you filed your taxes.  It was a struggle to make those payments and we probably could have been better at managing our finances but we were young and ignorant.  We weren't alone, most of our peers were in the same circumstances. There were also papers that showed progress in our money handling and the start of times when it brought a more comfortable lifestyle for us and our daughters.  It also made us appreciate what our parents had to go through to bring us the best that they could, which for some of us was very minimal.  Never, good or bad financially, did we struggle with enjoying and sharing life with family and friends. I hope that part endures for all, young and old.

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