Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58 - Sis

On oneeya's and my daily walks it's becoming less about exercise for both of us, with the only health benefit for me is the vitamin D I get from the sun exposure. oneeya has turned into an avid hunter since last week when she captured a small lizard. She didn't have it long because I jerked her collar and she dropped it. The huge 4 inch, pencil thin lizard, upon landing on it's feet, opened its mouth and may have even hissed. Looking just like a miniature creature from Jurassic Park, it quickly scurried back into a shrub. And so every leaf pile, shrub, pine straw, grassy area, is now investigated by the dog, oh with considerable breaks in between for the short, red, hunter. Oh yes, exhausted from the pressure of stalking prey she then has a long nap on the loveseat.

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