Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 322 - Lisa

I was determined to have a fire today.  Our first fire since moving in.  It's Sunday, it's cold outside, football is on and I want to relax in my pj's for the the day.  We went out twice to the store for various items and each time I forgot to buy wood.  So dang it, I got back into my regular clothes and headed to Home Depot for the wood.  By 4:30 pm the fire was burning.  I "thought" the pets would love this.  Seems the fire cleared the room.  The cat sat at the farthest point of the room and looked at me like, "why in the HELL are you trying to catch the house on fire."  The dog jumped on the couch panted feverishly and then just left.  So there I sat all by myself with my barely roaring fire.  I guess we will never have one of those Hallmark card pictures of the pet sleeping near the fireplace all warm, cozy and content.  I have no idea what kind of wood I was burning.  Maybe pine?  But it dwindles to ash quickly.  So I built the fire over and over again.  Frustrated with the wood not stacking right. Then I realized that my Indian instincts do not relay to how to insert a metal wood grate.  I had it upside down.  LOL  Aye Lisa.  So I had to yell at my mom to bring me the potholders so I could flip the very hot wood grate.  Two hours later the house was insufferably hot, the wood was all burnt and it wasn't even 7:00 pm.  I guess I have to work on my timing, I extremely out of practice.  Meanwhile the cat came back into the room.  I'm pretty sure she was thinking, "whew glad that's over."

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